EarthCARE End-To-End Mission Simulator

The EarthCARE simulator objective is to provide an End-to-end simulation capability (retrieval algorithms applied to forward model outputs and evaluation of results) which allows to assess whether the science goals / mission requirements can be met. This means that the simulator must be able to support the mission, instruments and system engineer in:
  • quantifying the influence of the individual instruments and their key parameters in the performance of the mission
  • performing engineering trade-offs studies (consolidation of specification of instruments characteristics)
  • quantifying the influence of key subsystems of the platform in the performance of the mission
  • quantifying the influence of failure scenarios in the global performance of the mission.
  • developing and testing novel synergetic retrieval approaches (algorithm development) among the instruments to improve the data analysis and therefore enhance the mission output
  • Assessing data product accuracies and correlations on all data levels (from level 0 to level 2)

Last update: 30 August 2006