Applications for Planetary Exploration

Robotics for Mars Exploration

The EXOMArs DEmonstration Rover is a 1/2 scale model of the rover considered for ESA's ExoMars mission. The EXOMADER-D features the so-called model-D chassis which exihibits extremely advanced cross-country ability. The EXOMADER chassis was produced by Rover Company Ltd. on ESA contract, while avionics has been internally developed by the A&R Section.

Robotics for Lunar Exploration

The Lunar Robotic Mockup (LRM) was developed to provide a Lunar-like rover platform for mounting robotics payloads. Although not representative of any real Lunar rover it has fairly advanced locomotion capabilities (articulated suspension, 4xwheel drive, 4xwheel steer and sand-compatible wheels). Developed by Rover Company Ltd. on ESA contract.

Robotics for the Exploration of other bodies

The Nanokhod Micro-rover is designed to carry a suite of geochemistry instruments in its central body. The rover is designed to be delivered on the planetary surface by a small lander. The Nanokhod operates on power drawn from the lander through a hair-thin tether. It has been developed by vH&S (D) on ESA TRP contracts.

Last update: 3 February 2011