Robotics Perception

Enteroreceptive Sensing

The DEXARM robot joint integrates in a very compact casing the motor/gear the digital control electronics and state of the art interoreceptive robot sensors such as: an Electric Encoder, a multispeed resolver and a torque sensor. The joint has been developed by Galileo Avionica on ESA contract.

Exteroreceptive Sensing

The Imaging System for BepiColombo MSE is basically composed of a stereo camera pair with associated mechatronics and optics subsystems. The mechatronics provides a stable structure for camera mounting and mechanisms for mast deployment and 360┬░ azimuth rotation. The camera pair is equipped with a fixed focus wide-angle optics and a large scale Active Pixel Sensors to take images with high resolution over a large field of view. To demonstrate the technological feasibility and performance of the design a breadboard (in the picture) has been manufactured and tested by vH&S, Jena Optronik and DLR-Berlin under contract to ESA.

Last update: 6 July 2007