RObotic GEostationary orbit Restorer (ROGER)

Distribution of satellites in GEO by status (derived from DISCOS database). year 2002

The threat

Prediction of number of satellites in GEO with different assumptions of percentage of Brand New Satellites (BNS) and End of Life (EoL) action

ROGER Spacecraft by the ASTRIUM team

The “RObotic GEo Restorer” (ROGER) studies (run by Astrium and QinetiQ under ESA contract) looked into the current and foreseeable threats to the GEO and the way to control them. Two satellite systems were proposed as a means to re-orbit dead GEO satellites. The pictur shows the Astrium concept

ROGER Spacecraft by the QinetiQ team

Animation of the ROGER concept (QinetiQ). In the animation a GEO satellite becomes incapacitated. The ROGER spacecraft approaches the malfunctioning satellite with its boom and octopus grasping system deployed. The satellite is captured by closing the fingers. The satellite is towed away into the GYO.

Last update: 2 February 2011