Antenna Structures

Deployable Reflectors Developments

6 m Deployable Ring Reflector breadboard
6 m Deployable Ring Reflector breadboard
Large deployable antenna reflectors are being implemented worldwide in telecommunications spacecraft, as well as in Earth Observation an scientific missions. The Large Antenna Working Group, with relevant TEC-MSS participation, has identified a more significant than initially expected market size, despite the lack of availability of these products in European industry. The structures section is active in promoting these developments and increasing the TRL.
As example the TALDES contract (TRP funded) has developed two demonstrators of 6 m aperture for ground testing and several breadboards, based on ESA Patents 568 and 596.
The 6 m demonstrator design for Conical Ring Reflector
The 6 m demonstrator design for Conical Ring Reflector
Further to the concept development and implementation of the demonstration models with GTU and TUM, the structures sections has performed deployment analyses using ABAQUS, Samcef Mecano and ADAMS. The structures section has designed and analysed isostatic cable networks, conceived already in the late 80s for radiotelecopes and implemented shortly after in antennas [R3].
Deployment simulation in ABAQUS
Deployment simulation in ABAQUS of a 12 m conical ring design based on ESA Patent 568 [R4]
Last update: 7 January 2013

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