Structural Analysis

Spacecraft Primary Structure (EADS CASA Spain)
Spacecraft Primary Structure (EADS CASA Spain)
The Structures Section is the centre of competence for the overall structural configuration studies and structural design, engineering and verification of manned and unmanned spacecraft.
GAIA Payload module
GAIA Payload module
It performs analysis of:
  • Mechanical design loads associated with space flight, orbital and ground environment, as well as derivation of test loads and requirements.
  • Prediction of structural response and evaluation of test results, including correlation of test results with analytical predictions and updating of mathematical models.
  • Advanced structural analysis tools and methodologies are developed and maintained, e.g. for:
    • Dynamic analysis (e.g. launcher-spacecraft coupled loads analysis to compute low-frequency spacecraft mechanical environment)
    • Acoustic analysis (FEM, BEM, SEA)
    • Fracture analysis / Fatigue analysis (e.g. see web: ESACRACK )
    • Shock analysis
    • Analysis of composite structures
    • Multibody dynamics analysis
    • Stochastic analysis

Sylda (for dual P/L) (Astrium ST)
Sylda (for dual P/L) (Astrium ST)
Last update: 7 January 2013