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Composite design and analysis tools
The Structure section has been active in supporting the development and enhancement of the ESAComp composite analysis and design program. ESAComp is nowadays widely used in European space industry for composite laminate analysis and preliminary design. Initially ESAComp was developed by the Helsinki University of Technology and now is marketed and further developed by Componeering, Finland.
ESAComp has a vast set of analysis and design capabilities for laminate and sandwich panel analysis including micromechanics, laminate property calculation, first-ply and ultimate failure calculation as well as laminate design tools. It further includes analysis tools for structural elements such as plates, stiffened panels, beams and columns, bonded and mechanical joints.

Furthermore, ESAComp features include interfaces with widely used finite element software packages, and therefore fits seamlessly into the design process. In recent developments basic probabilistic laminate analysis, improved out-of-plane shear analysis and prediction of laminate thermal conductivity as well as substantial improvements of the GUI and the graphics capabilities were implemented.  
The Structures section also supports development of advanced analysis methodologies or best practise recommendations for composites structures. These include for example:

  • Failure Analysis for Inserts in Sandwich Plates (on-going technology study, Aalborg University, Denmark)
  • Failure criteria for non-metallic materials (TRP study by HPS, Germany completed in 2006)

Last update: 2 October 2007

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