Composite Joints and Inserts

Insert design for sandwich (DLR)
Insert design for sandwich (DLR)
A recently completed GSTP study by Patria Finavicomp addressed the technology and analysis for structural CFRP/honeycomb sandwich panel technology and sandwich panel insert design. A test program on open-hole CFRP sandwich specimens as well as on specimens with inserts was performed. Analytical models for sandwich and insert strength prediction were updated and validated.
The qualification of a new insert design for sandwich panels developed by the DLR Institute of Structural Mechanics, Germany, using carbon fiber tubes in sandwich panels is pursued in another project. These inserts have a lower mass than traditional potted inserts.

The results of these studies are being incorporated into an update of the ESA Insert Design Handbook.
CFRP insert (icotec ag)
CFRP insert (icotec ag)
On-going studies address for example the evaluation of

  • GFRP and CFRP fasteners and inserts for space applications and
  • hybrid titanium / CFRP laminates for space applications.

Last update: 31 July 2007

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