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Entry Capsule concept
Entry Capsule concept for returning Asteroid samples
Configuration studies
The Structures Section is the centre of competence for the overall configuration studies and structural design, engineering and verification of manned and unmanned spacecraft.
Feasibility study for IXV evolution
Feasibility study for IXV evolution
This competence also covers configuration and structural design of modules, payloads and other equipment, as well as instrument and equipment concepts. Furthermore it includes the study of these payloads and sub-systems into the accommodation of spacecraft, and to complete the process the study of spacecraft to launch-vehicle structural interfaces.
The Structures section provides configuration analyses and evaluates design constraints. During the analyses of configuration issues and constraints the following are addressed:
  • Overall Spacecraft design configurations
  • Mass budget and mass balancing assessments for obtaining an optimal spacecraft layout for Attitude and Orbital control
  • Field of view analyses to assess possible effects and degradation of performance of instruments and equipment
  • Assessment of available volume and various equipment and instrument envelopes
  • Accessibility analyses, to assess access during pre-launch and maintenance activities
  • Assembly feasibility analyses For the conduct of these activities the Structures Section defines, develops and uses state of the art methods and tools for structural configuration definition and analysis.

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