Composite Materials structures

Composite design and analysis tools

Composite design and analysis tools
Composite design and analysis tools
The Structure section has been active in supporting the development and enhancement of the ESAComp composite analysis and design program. ESAComp is nowadays widely used in European space industry for composite laminate analysis and preliminary design. Initially ESAComp was developed by the Helsinki University of Technology and now is marketed and further developed by Componeering, Finland.
ESAComp has a vast set of analysis and design capabilities including the following:
  1. Fiber/matrix micromechanics
  2. Analyses for constitutive and thermal/moisture expansion behavior of plies
  3. Laminates
    1. 2.5D behavior - classical lamination theory (CLT)
    2. parameterized "theta-laminates" and "p-laminates"
    3. load response failure and design envelopes
    4. probabilistic 2.5D behavior
    5. sensitivity studies for 2.5D behavior and FPF
    6. notched laminate analysis of circular and elliptic holes
  4. Panels
    1. flat and curved panels with or without stiffeners
    2. Mindlin plate analysis using integrated Elmer FE solver
    3. rectangular plates
    4. load response, failure and stability under applied loads
    5. natural frequencies
  5. Beams and columns
  6. Bonded joints
  7. Mechanical joints
    1. single and double lap joints under axial loads
    2. fastener and by-pass loads, laminate stresses and strains on fastener holes, margins of safety for failure, prediction of failure mode

Last update: 7 January 2013

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