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Fluid Structure Interaction
Simulation of water landing bench mark
Simulation of water landing bench mark
In its efforts to provide support to the European space industry and to the space projects in the field of water landing simulation of re-entry vehicles and simulation of the dynamics of tanks filled with fluids the section has developed expertise simulating the fluid structure interaction (FSI) phenomena.
For the water landing problems the most important quantities to be determined are:
  • Acceleration levels and spectra during the water impact
  • Pressure levels at the outer surface
For the tank sloshing problems the quantities of interest are:
  • the fundamental slosh frequencies and the amplitude of the corresponding free surface motion
  • the damping characteristic
  • the fluid slosh motion and its impact to the supporting structure
  • the stability of the spacecraft as a result of the slosh motion.
Simulation of water landing of re-entry vehicle IXV
Simulation of water landing of re-entry vehicle IXV
Extensive experience with using the tools such as ABAQUS and DYTRAN has been developed for running explicit analyses for simulating these FSI problems. In additions boundary element method (BEM) based tools like FABE and RAYON are deployed especially for the sloshing problems.
Sloshing simulation
Sloshing simulation
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