Duties of the Structures section

Within its realm of technical competence and responsibility, the Section carries out the following duties:
IXV Vehicle
IXV Vehicle
  • provision of specialised support to Agency feasibility and project definition studies, preparatory programmes and approved projects, as well as direct support to industry, where needed;
  • participation in the definition and execution of the Agency's technology programmes, including provision of inputs for the technical contents, harmonisation and industrial policy;
  • contribution to the overseeing activities of the Technical and Quality Management Directorate through participation in project reviews and evaluation of procurement packages;
  • monitoring of development and technology trends, and support to the harmonisation of applicable Agency and national developments;
  • establishment, maintenance and promotion of design and engineering standards, guidelines and handbooks
  • promotion of advanced structures technologies with the goal to enhance the competitiveness of European industries.

Model of Herschel Spacecraft
Model of Herschel Spacecraft
For the conduct of these activities, the Section
  • maintains a state-of-the-art expertise within its field of competence;
  • maintains technical liaison with users, project groups and other organisational entities in and outside the Agency;
  • defines, implements and uses methods and tools for structural configuration definition and analysis, as well as for structural design and verification by structural analysis, by integrity assessment and by test, including effects of fluids and vibro-acoustics;
  • supports the maintenance and operation of the ESTEC Structures & Mechanisms Design and Analysis Facility;
  • maintains a close liaison with the EMI hypervelocity impact test laboratories for matters related to impact testing;

Last update: 5 December 2012