The H-Haptics (“Human-Haptics”) Programme is a Dutch-funded Framework Programme (STW - Perspectief) for the development of advanced human-machine interface technologies for a variety of space and terrestrial applications.
Our Laboratory participates into the Project No.5, termed:

“Multimodal Space Robotics Teleoperation for Uncertainty Robustness in Human-Robot and Robot-Environment Variations”

This project focuses on the application of haptic support in the space domain. The project is linked to ESA's Meteron project, which proposes the tele-operation of robots from space. The master device used in this project is a 7 degree-of-freedom exoskeleton; enabling unconstrained motion of the operator in a weightless environment, while controlling the robot. Three sub-projects address fundamental challenges in space-bound teleoperation, and one sub-project focuses on the specifics of exoskeleton manipulators for the space environment.
Last update: 22 November 2012

More information

 •  H-Haptics project website (http://www.h-haptics.nl/page.php?id=1)