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STEP-TAS Conformance Classes
STEP-TAS provides a tool-neutral format for storing three different types of data used by space thermal analysis tools. The first is related to a Geometrical Mathematical Model, or GMM, where the space-craft geometry is represented by a bounded face model with minimum topology and material properties. The second is the Thermal Mathematical Model, or TMM, used to represent heat flow within a thermal lumped parameter network model. The third is the capture of results data from analysis, test or the operating flight model, or FM.
Each of these areas can be further sub-divided to reflect the different levels of functionality that individual analysis tools might support. These levels, or conformance classes, provide an easy means of classifying the capabilities of the analysis tools. This makes it easier to see whether all aspects of a model created using a particular analysis tool can be handled correctly by both the conversion tool and the target analysis tool without loss of information during the conversion from the input format to STEP-TAS, the conversion from STEP-TAS to the output format, or both.  
CC1Thermal radiation and conduction model defined by shell geometryGMM
CC2CC1 plus kinematic modelGMM
CC3CC1 plus constructive geometryGMM
CC4CC3 plus kinematic modelGMM
CC5CC1 plus space mission aspectsGMM
CC6CC4 plus space mission aspectsGMM
CC7Results for thermal radiation and conduction modelGMM
CC8Thermal lumped parameter model without user-defined logicTMM
CC9CC8 plus resultsTMM
CC10Thermal lumped parameter model with user-defined logicTMM
CC11CC10 plus resultsTMM
CC12Thermal test or operation model with resultsResults
Last update: 5 March 2007

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