Densified propellant

The interest in developing slush H2 as a fuel for launcher cryogenic engines is due to its increased density, resulting in a saving in the overall launcher mass.
Slush N2: view of spray nozzle
Slush N2 - view of the spray nozzle
The type of H2-slush produced by Magna Steyr using the so called ‘slush gun’ method is a mixture of solid particles with diameters below 0.4 mm and sub-cooled liquid. The production technology has been successfully demonstrated on a small scale.
Solid H2 particles cover observation window
Solid H2 particles cover the observation window
This technique will be used to build a medium-size slush H2 production facility - 2 grams slush H2/sec. Extra slush H2 characterisation will also be carried out.
Last update: 2 May 2007