ESATAP is a post-processing tool for thermal analysis data using the STEP-TAS and STEP-NRF data exchange standards. The main objective of the tool is to evaluate the results of the solution steps and to verify the quality of the input model and data. The results of operations performed by ESATAP can be used as input to other analysis tasks.
A set of thermal related functions are implemented and can be used directly in the Excel sheets or with simple graphical user interfaces. The integration of the TCDT in the Excel environment makes the same model data available for definition, analysis and documentation.
  • handles the standard STEP-TAS/NRF thermal results data files,
  • allows the implementation of the user’s own post processing scripts (components),
  • provides a toolbox of around 40 basic components for statistical, thermal, mathematical calculation, heatflow, etc.,
  • provides interfaces with MS Word, MS Excel, OpenOffice, GnuPlot, etc.,
  • provides a graphical user interface for non-programmers allowing to easily implement/maintain/improve/enrich the Toolbox and/or own Local components or structured complex tasks.and documentation.

Availability and download
ESATAP is an ESA product that is maintained and distributed by DOREA on behalf of ESA. It is available free of charge for users who fulfil the ESA distribution policy. Further details and download information can be found on the official ESATAP website.
Last update: 12 May 2009

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