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ESARAD-6.0 graphical user interface
ESATAN-TMS Radiative
The ESATAN-TMS Radiative module, previously known as ESARAD, is a tool for thermal radiative analysis. It allows the user to create and display a 3D geometrical model of a space-craft, where the surfaces are represented as thin shells with thermo-optical and thermo-physical properties. It can compute the view-factors, radiative exchange factors and couplings between the surfaces.
The ESATAN-TMS Radiative module is also a pre- and post-processing tool for ESATAN-TMS Thermal. It produces the thermal-radiative part of the thermal network model, and can display the calculated temperature results on the geometrical model.  
The ESATAN-TMS Mission module is an extension that allows the user to define spacecraft trajectories and orbits, specify orientation and pointing of moving assemblies, and to calculate solar, albedo and planetary heat fluxes experienced by the space-craft.
The main product page and user manuals can be found on the website of the developer, ITP Engines UK, under 'Software Products'.
Artemis in LSS
Artemis satellite undergoing testing in the Large Solar Simulator at ESTEC
Test Chamber Applications
ESARAD has been used to correlate the results of spacecraft testing in thermal vacuum and balance chambers against the predictions made at the design stage. For the Large Solar Simulator at ESTEC, an ESARAD model is available to calculate the infrared couplings between the chamber and the test object. A second ESARAD model has been derived , using only primitive surface elements rather than cutting operations. Both can be downloaded, under certain conditions, from the download page on the right of this page.
Last update: 26 July 2010

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