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CarbonDiem zur Rettung des Planeten

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CarbonDiem, a personal carbon calculator that won the Prague/Czech Republic regional prize in the European Satellite Navigation 2007 Competition, sponsored by ESA’s Technology Transfer Programme. It uses satellite navigation data to track distance and method of travel every time a journey is made, calculates the generation of carbon dioxide (CO2) as a result of the travel and displays the data on a mobile phone giving details of the carbon footprint. Travellers can then easier optimise their travel method to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere.
Credits: ESA, CarbonDiem
Zachariah demonstrates Carbon Hero
Andreas Zachariah demonstrates CarbonDiem to Prince Philip at the 2007 Royal College of Art Graduation Degree Show in London.
Credits: Monica Chong
CarbonDiem, a personal carbon calculator, consists of a sensor (left) which detects movements by use of satellite navigation data. The carbon footprint is then displayed on a mobile phone (right).
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