Weightless science

Strange bike!
"It's a strange bike, but it goes at 28,540 km/h (my personal contribution is 40 km/h)!"

ESA's Italian astronaut Paolo Nespoli is featured in this photo taken on 22 December 2010. Paolo is serving as a flight engineer with Cady Coleman, Dmitri Kondratyev, Oleg Skripochka, Alexander Kaleri and commander Scott Kelly.

Paolo’s MagISStra mission is Europe’s third long-duration mission on the ISS. He will land back to Earth in June 2010.

Paolo Nespoli gets gel injections on the scalp for Neurospat
Cady Coleman inserting conductive gel to the EEG-capturing scalp of the Neurospat experiment. The Neurospat is a study of spatial cognition, novelty processing and sensorimotor integration, composed of two principal experimental tasks: visual orientation and visuomotor tracking, plus additional, standardized electroencephalogram (EEG) tasks performed as a means of assessing general effects of the space station environment on EEG signals.