Danish astronaut will go to space station in 2015

10 September 2013
ESA's Danish astronaut Andreas Mogensen will be launched on a Soyuz spacecraft in September 2015 to the International Space Station. This 10-day mission will be Andreas's first flight into space and the first ever space mission by a Danish astronaut.
“I am excited to be able to participate in ESA’s outstanding programme of science and technology development on board the ISS and I am honoured to represent Denmark and Europe in space" said Andreas Mogensen.
During his flight, Andreas will carry out several experiments, including testing a mobile device that allows astronauts to operate it hands-free. The system will also have 3D visualisation that will allow people to follow activities on the ISS 'through the eyes of an ESA astronaut'.

Andreas will also be wearing a special suit during his normal daily activities, called a 'skinsuit'. This very tight suit made from elastic material copies Earth gravity which could reduce the negative effects on an astronaut’s body during spaceflight.

When Andreas arrives at the ISS there will be up to nine people for a while – a record that has not been broken since 2011. This new technology packed mission will be a dream flight for an aerospace engineer like Andreas, who will fly as the flight engineer in the 'left seat' of Soyuz, making him second-in-command of their vehicle.