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Quiz: “Planck”

Herschel reflection in Planck telescope mirror
Question 1:
Planck’s main goal is the study of:
the Sun
the Moon
the Universe’s Cosmic Microwave Background
the planets
Planck scanning the sky
Question 2:
Planck will observe at:
infrared wavelengths
radio wavelengths
microwave wavelengths
visible wavelength
Planck will chart the sharpest image of the CMB in its range of
Question 3:
Planck will obtain far more information than other missions about:
the Sun
the early phases of the Universe
the Moon
the Earth’s oceans
Planck spacecraft during testing
Question 4:
Planck’s planned lifetime is of:
15 weeks
15 months
15 years
25 years

Information on Herschel and Planck
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