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Quiz: “Stars”

SOHO sees the Sun's eruptive prominence
Question 1:
The Sun is the Earth’s:
Artist’s impression of a red-giant star ejecting matter
Question 2:
The temperature of the coolest stars is around 2500 degrees Celsius. These cool stars are called:
Black stars
Red stars
Cold stars
Cool stars
När en massiv stjärna nått slutet av sitt liv genomgår den en ka
Question 3:
The hottest stars can reach a temperature of 40,000 degrees Celsius. They are known as:
Hot stars
Burning stars
Black stars
Blue-white stars
The Ulysses legacy
Question 4:
The yellow stars’ temperature is in-between. An example of a yellow star is:
The Sun
Asteroid Steins
A supernova
A red dwarf
Red dwarf star CHRX 73 and companion object
Question 5:
A red dwarf is:
The smallest star
The coolest star
The nicest star
The hottest star
Question 6:
A supernova is:
A superstar
A massive star
An explosion that marks the death of a huge star
A cool star
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