Mission-X launch: Get your body and tweets ready!

UK students taking part in Mission-X
UK students taking part in Mission-X
11 February 2013
How much should you train to be fit for space? ESA astronaut André Kuipers will answer this and many more questions via Twitter today, during the international launch of the 'Mission-X: Train Like an Astronaut' challenge.
Some 15 000 primary school children from all over the world will embark on a six-week fitness competition inspired by astronaut training. Schoolchildren aged 8–12 years will perform physical activities and learn about healthy nutrition.

In its third year, Mission-X already boasts three times more participants than the first time around. André was last year’s ambassador from the Space Station and encouraged the children to compete against teams from over 20 countries, earning points by following exercises during their school lessons.
Andre Kuipers exercising in Node 3
Andre Kuipers exercising in Node 3
The European astronaut will open the challenge during a live webcast from ESA’s ESTEC space research and technology centre in the Netherlands.

André will answer questions from over 100 students in ESTEC as well as via Twitter. Tune in to the webcast and send your tweets to André through @ESAHSOEducation with hashtag #MissionX2013.

You can follow the event from 15:00 CET to 16:00 CET via ESA Web-TV. Click on the link to the right.

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