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Quiz: “Mars”

Martian moon Phobos
Question 1:
What are the names of Mars' tiny moons?
Pluto and Neptune
Venus and Jupiter
Phobos and Deimos
Saturn and Titan
Hubble's close encounter with Mars
Question 2:
What other name do people often use to refer to Mars?
The Red Planet
The Other Planet
The Alien Planet
Mars Express
Perspective view of ‘hourglass’ shaped craters, looking south-ea
Question 3:
On Mars, the air is thinner than on Earth. How much thinner is it?
10 times
100 times
1000 times
5000 times
Poster - Europe in the Solar System
Question 4:
Mars is:
The third planet from the Sun
The fourth planet from the Sun
Right next to the Sun
Behind the Sun
Question 5:
The average temperature on Mars is:
30° C
0° C
-10° C
-63° C
Mars Express artist's impression
Question 6:
What is the name of the ESA spacecraft studying Mars?
Range Rover
Mars Rover
Mars Express

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