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Build your own Hipparcos globe


*The 20 brightest stars in the night sky and Polaris, the North Star, are labelled in red.
*The constellations are labelled in yellow.
*The ecliptic appears as dotted yellow line around the globe.
*Each line of lonfitude represents 1 hour of right ascension.
*Each line of latitude represents 15 degrees of declination.

Phase 1
Print out the Globe model
(PDF document)

You will need some small scissors, a ruler and glue.Cut out the two pieces of the model and the dotted red lines as indicated above.
If you are using thick paper or card, it may help to score along the folding lines.

Phase 2
First glue and stick the tabs as indicated by the red arrows, then the tabs indicated by the green arrows.

Phase 3
You are left with two 'halves'of your final icosahedron. Line up the face containing the Summer Triangle with the face containing Polaris. Stick the halves together with the tab indicated.

Phase 4
The two halves now line up. Stick the corresponding faces together with their shared tab to finish uyour star globe!
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