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MetOp-B launched

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18 September 2012
MetOp-B launch
Metop-B was launched today, 17 September, from Baikonur in Kazakhstan. The Soyuz rocket lifted off at 18:28 CEST. Carrying a suite of sophisticated instruments, Metop-B will ensure the continuity of the weather and atmospheric monitoring service provided by its predecessor Metop-A, which has been circling the globe from pole to pole, 14 times a day, since 2006.
MetOp in orbit
MetOp is a series of three new polar-orbiting satellites. The series forms the space segment of the EUMETSAT Polar System and represents the European contribution to a new cooperation with the USA marking a new era in global weather monitoring and forecasting.

MetOp-A was launched on 19 October 2006 from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. MetOp-B was launched on 17 September 2012.
Credits: ESA /AOES Medialab
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