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Our mascot now has a name!

21 May 2013

As announced by Luca Parmitano, our jury finally selected an Earth name for our little mascot!

Sara (7 years old)
Sara (7 years old)
The winning name was suggested by Sara, who is 7 years old and lives in Spain. She chose this name for him because it sounds like an extraterrestrial name, and because it is similar to the word ‘Paz’, which means ‘peace’ in Spanish. What a great choice Sara! Congratulations!

You’ll soon be able to follow our mascot’s adventures on our website, Facebook and Twitter, so make sure you visit us regularly!

We received over 500 suggestions by children from all over the world. Out of these 500 names we selected a Top 10 short-list. The following children suggested some great names as well, and will soon be receiving a prize from ESA. Congratulations to everyone!


Benthe (11) Andrea (12) Irene (7)
Mats (4) Lais (5) Joshua (6)
Cristina (11) Lisa (10) Nora (9)
David (6) Oona (5) Charlotte (10)
Femke (9)
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