Mission-X is back!

12 November 2012
Future space explorers are getting on their marks to invade gyms and train like astronauts for the 2013 Mission-X challenge! Luca Parmitano, the next European to fly to the Space Station, is giving youngsters tips on being fit and having a healthy lifestyle.
Mission-X fever is spreading across the planet. Schoolchildren aged 8–12 years will follow the six-week challenge in over 20 different countries. Young explorers worldwide will earn points by completing activities inspired by astronaut training.
Mission-X astronaut
Astro Charlie
Following the mission plan, teams of children will follow exercises in physical training to earn points during their school lessons. These points will then be converted into steps that will virtually take mascot Astro Charlie to the Moon, 478 million steps from Earth! At the end of the mission, the teams scoring the highest points will be revealed on the Mission-X website.

Want to know more about how you and your class can participate? Click on the Mission-X website!

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