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eyePhone, regional winner in European sat-nav competition
The eye-Phone runs on mobile telephones and works like this: If you see something interesting while out walking for instance, you take a photograph with your mobile phone and select the item of interest with the cursor. The object selected is then recognised and transmitted with satellite navigation localisation data to a central system interfacing to databases on the internet to get information on the object. The information found is sent back to the phone and displayed to you. The eye-Phone won the regional prize for Bavaria, Germany in the 2007 European Satellite Navigation competition.
Credits: SuperWise Technologies
The eye-Phone is a novel mobile phone programme able to provide information on what you see when you see it. It combines three of today's modern technologies: satellite navigation localisation services, advanced object recognition and relevant internet retrieved information. The system has been developed using Apollo technology, an innovative artificial intelligence piece of software that can carry out object recognition within images.
Credits: ESA / EyePhone
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