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Join the ‘Mission-X: Train like an astronaut’ challenge!

13 November 2013
Do you know what it takes to be an astronaut? An educational programme called ‘Mission-X’ can actually show you!

The ‘Mission-X: Train like an astronaut’ challenge is open to schoolchildren aged between 8 and 12 years old. It is a nine-week challenge inspired by real astronaut training. It encourages scientific reasoning and teamwork, and involves exercise modules such as ‘Jump for the Moon’ and ‘Do a Spacewalk’.

This year’s Mission-X ambassador is NASA astronaut Mike Hopkins. Talking from the International Space Station, Mike will encourage young people worldwide to participate in the challenge.

Go Mission-X!
Teams of children will follow the Mission-X mission plan and train to earn points during school. Tasks will target strength, endurance, coordination, balance and spatial awareness.

Teachers will be well equipped for the challenge. In addition to training days and tutorial videos, an international forum will be available online for exchanging tips on fitness exercises. Each school can follow at its own pace and update their progress via the online blog on the official Mission-X website.

The countdown to Mission-X 2014 has begun. Check out the mission plan and don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy fitness, healthy eating and problem-solving the astronaut way! The deadline for registration is 9 December… don’t miss it!

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