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Winners of Rosetta competition selected!

Entry from Athens College (Greece)

26 March 2014
We are pleased to announce that the winners of our Rosetta competition are 6th grade students from Athens College Elementary School. Congratulations! Your Rosetta models are fabulous!

We received so many creative entries from all over the world this month that it was difficult for the judges to select the winner and the four runners-up.
Entry from Athens College (Greece)

Many teachers took this competition as an opportunity to introduce space to their students. In fact, some of the best artwork we received was done in the classroom!

Our first runners-up are 3rd grade students from Go! De Notelaar Elementary School in Belgium. We love how you put together this great video of your Rosetta models.

Kindergarten students from the Nadeen International School in Bahrain constructed a Rosetta satellite with different types of recycled material. You did a great job!

Nadeen International School (Bahrain)
Nursery class of Nadeen International School (Bahrain)

The next two runners-up are both from Greece. One is a kindergarten class at the 2nd Experimental Model Kindergarten School, who sent us their beautiful Rosetta models made of plastic clay.
2nd Experimental Model Kidergarten School Thessaloniki Greece

And last but not least, the Junior High School of Thermi sent us some great Rosetta artwork.
Michalis & Panagiotis (Junior High School of Thermi, Greece)
Michalis & Panagiotis (Junior High School of Thermi, Greece)
Congratulations to all our winners, and thanks to all of you who participated! The winning artwork is now published in our Art Gallery. Go check it out!
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