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Quiz: “Gaia”

Gaia spacecraft
Question 1:
Gaia will:
Create the most accurate 3-D map of the Milky Way
Land on a comet
Take images of the Earth
Land on a planet
Liftoff Soyuz flight VS04
Question 2:
Gaia was launched by:
The Space Shuttle
Question 3:
Gaia weighs:
10 kg
100 kg
1000 kg
2 tonne
Gaia mapping the stars of the Milky Way
Question 4:
During its 5-year mission, Gaia will:
Map a billion stars
Circle the Earth
Go into hibernation
Send landers on planets
Andromeda Galaxy in infrared and X-rays image
Question 5:
Gaia will help us answer questions about:
The planets of our Solar System
the Earth
the Sun
The origin and evolution of our Galaxy
Location of Lagrangian point (L2)
Question 6:
Gaia’s point of observation is:
Very close to Earth
1.5 million km beyond Earth
Around a virtual point in space called L2
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