Winners of Astronauts competition selected!

Landing on the Moon
"Landing on the Moon" by Freinetschool Het Trappenhuis
1 March 2013
We are pleased to announce that the winners of our Astronauts competition are students from Freinetschool Het Trappenhuis in Belgium. Congratulations! Your animation of the astronauts’ landing on the Moon is fantastic!

Landing on the Moon by Freinetschool Het Trappenhuis (Belgium)

We received so many creative entries from all over the world this month that it was difficult for the judges to select the winner and the four runners-up.

Our first runners-up are Tamir and Mohammed from Canada, who made this nice model showing the sky and its stars, the Earth, a launcher and an astronaut.
Tamir and Mohammed (Canada)
We were happy to see that many teachers took this competition as an opportunity to introduce space to their students. Some of the best artwork we received was done in the classroom! In fact, our next three runners-up are all students from different schools in Europe.
A class of 4 and 5 year-olds from Italy sent us a beautiful model of the International Space Station they made with recyclable material, as well as astronauts and launchers going to space!



Class of Preschool Bruno Munari (Italy)

Another beautiful project was sent to us by a kindergarten class from Czech Republic, who made a spectacular launcher with the various astronauts attached to it.
Mateřská Škola Rozmarýnek
Artwork by children from Mateřská Škola Rozmarýnek (Czech Republic)
Last but not least, a class of 10 year-olds from Italy sent us some fantastic models, collages and drawings done with various materials.

Scuola Primaria Aldo Moro (Italy)
An entry from the Scuola Primaria Aldo Moro (Italy)
Congratulations to all our winners, and thanks to all of you who participated! The winning artwork is now published in our Art Gallery. Go check it out!


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