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Noé (France)

Winners of Mars competition selected!

12 July 2013
We are pleased to announce that the winner of our Mars competition is 6 year-old Noé from France! Congratulations! Your Mars rover is great!
Niobe (Greece)
Our first runner-up is 5 year-old Niobe from Greece, who made this beautiful acrylic painting of Mars inhabited by two little aliens.
Marina and Miriam (Spain)
Our next runners-up are 12 year-old Marina and 11 year-old Miriam of Spain, who created this beautiful model of Mars, its moons, and Mars Express.
Maria (Greece)
Another beautiful painting was sent to us by 6 year-old Maria from Greece. She called her painting “The meeting of Mars and the pyramids”. Well done, Maria!
Manuela (Austria)
Last but not least, 6 year-old Manuela and 8 year-old Clara made these lovely drawings of Mars inhabited by little Martians!
Clara (Austria)
Congratulations to all our winners, and thanks to all of you who participated! The winning artwork is now published in our Art Gallery. Go check it out!
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