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This brochure combines contributions from ESTEC, ESOC and industry experts involved in an eight-week assessment of the EuroMoon 2000 mission: R. Atkins, A. Chicarro, P. Coste, F. Dalla Vedova, B. Foing, C. Garcia Marirrodriga, R. Grard, M. Kruijff, M. Lang, R. Laurance, G. Lecohier, A. Martin Alvarez, J. Miro, M. Novara, W.J. Ockels, M.N. De Parolis, P. Plancke, P. Putz, R. Roumeas, J.C. Salvignol, H. Spruijt, S. Strandmoe, G. Visentin and E. Zekri from ESTEC; G. Janin from ESOC; and R. Parkinson from Matra Marconi Space.

The use of photographic material furnished by Clementine is gratefully acknowledged and in particular the support of Stuart Nozette (BMDO) and Paul Spudis (LPI).

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Right Left Up Home EuroMoon 2000 (BR-122).
Published December 1996.
Developed by ESA-ESRIN ID/D.