European Space Agency

Tentative Schedule for EuroMoon 2000

Landing                                   early 2001
Launch                                    autumn 2000
Flight acceptance review                  launch 3 months
Testing and launch-vehicle integration    launch 9 months (mid-1999)
Spacecraft integration                    Jan. 1999 to mid-1999
Software development                      mid-1997 to end-1998
Equipment procurement                     mid-1997 to end-1998
Critical design approval                  mid-1998
Preliminary design approval               mid-1997 (incl. go/no-go decision)
Mechanical test beds                      mid-1997 to end-1998
Simulators                                Jan. 1997 to launch+mission
System design                             1997
Source search                             to mid-1998

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Right Left Up Home EuroMoon 2000 (BR-122).
Published December 1996.
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