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BR-152 Spin-off successes 

ESA’s role in technology transfer
From Antonio Rodotà,the Director General
of the European Space Agency

Today, the achievements of space programmes have become so much a part of the economic, social and scientific scene that there is a tendency to undervalue their significance and the benefits associated with them.Through its technology transfer programme, the European Space Agency (ESA) has recognised the importance of helping other areas of industry to benefit from space research, and of easing the burden on public resources by adapting space technologies systems, and know-how to meet the needs of the wider population of Europe.

By moving technologies and know-how from the space sector to other sectors, companies can reduce the time scale and cost of developing new products. Technology transfer also reduces duplicated research and provides opportunities for professionals from a variety of industries to collaborate, increasing the overall effectiveness of Europe’s scientific base. Finally, the exposure of European space technology to outside markets provides companies with a chance to inject their own expertise into the space industry.

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