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Earth Observation Quarterly no. 63, September 1999

The ESA ‘Living Planet’ Programme
The papers presented in this special issue will describe the science foreseen within the new ESA Living Planet Earth Observation programme. Professor Gérard Mégie,chairman of the ESA Earth Science Advisory Committee, and Chris Readings,Head of the ESA Earth Science Division, will describe in the first paper the broad scientific thrust of the programme. Earth science is at the core of the programme but the programme itself is designed to cover more than science and the paper below describes the main thrusts of the overall strategy.
In this Issue

Earth Observation Strategy

Science & Research Elements of the Living Planet Programme

The Earth Interior

The Physical Climate

Geosphere & Biosphere

Atmosphere & Marine Environment Anthropogenic Impact

ESA’s first Opportunity Mission – Cryosat

Land Subsidence Detection in Coal Mining Areas

Rice Field Mapping in Sri Lanka using ERS SAR Data

Publications & Conferences

Record of Images
(A supplement to EOQ 63)

Disappearing Arctic sea ice.The UK Hadley Centre HADCM2 model predicts a decrease in winter (March) ice thickness from ~5 m to ~1 m in the
central Arctic for a 4 x CO 2 climate experiment. 

(see: ESA’s first Opportunity Mission - Cyrosat)