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SP-1315 CEOS Earth Observation Handbook 2008 June 40 In stock K. Fletcher 270
SP-1314 GOCE - ESA's Gravity Mission 2008 April 10 In stock H. Lacoste CD
SP-1313 Earth Explorer Volumes 1-3 2008 November Not for Resale Out of stock (no reorder) K. Fletcher 3000 A CD version of this publication is planned for Spring 2009.
SP-1312 ESA's Report to the 37th COSPAR Meeting 2008 May 40 In stock K. Fletcher 176
SP-1311 ADM-AEOLUS Science Report 2008 April 30 In stock P. Clissold 121
SP-1307 RSSD Biennial 2005/2006 2008 October 30 In stock M. Kessler & K. Fletcher 176
SP-1306 (contents) The COROT Mission Pre-Launch Status; Stellar Seismology and Planet Finding 2006 November 60 In stock A. Baglin, M. Fridlund, J. Lochard & L. Conroy 20
SP-1305 Bed-Rest Studies in the Spaceflight Era (1986-2005) – a Review 2007 NC In stock B. Battrick 85
SP-1304 The Changing Earth – New Scientific Challenges for ESA’s Living Planet Programme 2006 July NC In stock B. Battrick 85 New scientific challenges outlined here have been formulated under the guidance of the ESA’s Earth Science Advisory Committee and in consultation with the scientific community. These challenges will guide ESA’s efforts in providing essential Earth observation information to all user communities, in close cooperation with our international partners.
SP-1303 EGNOS – The European Geostationary Navigation Overlay System – A Cornerstone of Galileo 2006 December 50 In stock B. Battrick & D. Danesy 564 The European Geostationary Navigation Overlay System (EGNOS) is the first-generation European Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) designed to serve the needs of maritime, land transport, time and aeronautical applications in the European and neighbouring regions.
SP-1302 A Survey of Employment Costs in Aerospace Industries Throughout Europe – a Comparative Analysis 2006 March 20 In stock C. Walker 20
SP-1301 Position Paper on Space Debris Mitigation – Implementing Zero Debris Creation Zones 2006 February 20 In stock D. Danesy 62
SP-1300 (English) Convention of the European Space Agency – 6th Edition  2005 September NC Out of stock (no reorder) K. Fletcher 96
SP-1299 ROME: Response of Organisms to the Martian Environment 2007 September In stock C. Walker & K. Fletcher
SP-1298 MetOp – Monitoring the Weather from Polar Orbit 2006 June 10 In stock
SP-1297 Biomimetic Engineering for Space Applications 2006 August 40 In stock K. Fletcher 310
SP-1296 ESA’s Report to the 36th COSPAR Meeting 2006 June 40 In stock A. Wilson 149
SP-1293 The Tiger Initiative – Outcome of the Tiger 2004 Workshop 2005 September NC In stock H. Lacoste 10
SP-1292 CryoSat – ESA’s Ice Mission 2005 August NC Out of stock (no reorder) R. Oremus & H. Lacoste
SP-1290 Microgravity Applications Programme – Successful Teaming of Science and Industry 2005 October 50 In stock A. Wilson 404
SP-1288 Report on the Activities of the Research and Scientific Support Department (RSSD) 2003-2004 2005 June 30 In stock A. Giminez & A. Wilson 158
SP-1287 MSG-2: Monitoring the Weather from Geostationary Orbit 2005 November NC Out of stock (no reorder) R. Oremus & H. Lacoste CD
SP-1285 Space Law Teaching in Europe – 3rd Edition 2005 May 20 In stock 69
SP-1284 Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS 10-Year Implementation Plan Reference Document) 2005 February NC In stock B. Battrick 209 
SP-2000 Investing in Space – the Challenge for Europe 2004 15 In stock
SP-1283 INES Guide No. 3 – Classical Novae 2004 October 40 In stock B. Battrick 266
SP-1281 Topical Teams in the Life & Physical Sciences – Towards New Research Applications in Space 2005 June 50 In stock A. Wilson 214
SP-1279 The Six Candidate Earth Explorer Missions – Reports for Mission Selection 2004 April NA Out of stock (no reorder) Following a call for Core mission ideas in 2000 and selection of five of the ten proposals for pre-feasibility study, three of the candidates, EarthCARE, SPECTRA and WALES, were chosen for feasibility study in November 2001. In response to a call for Opportunity mission proposals in 2001, which resulted in 25 full proposals being submitted by early 2002, three mission candidates, ACE+, EGPM and SWARM, were also chosen for feasibility study. The Phase-A studies for all six Earth Explorer candidate missions are being finalised by early 2004, forming the basis for the Reports for Mission Selection for all six candidate missions.
SP-1278 (extract) Titan: from Discovery to Encounter, Proceedings of the International Conference (13-17 April 2004, Noordwijk, the Netherlands) 2004 December 50 In stock K. Fletcher 412
SP-1277 CryoSat – ESA’s Ice Mission 2003 December Out of stock (no reorder)
SP-1276 ESA Report to the 35th COSPAR Meeting 2004 July 40 In stock
SP-1275 ERS Synthetic Aperture Radar Imaging of Impact Craters  2003 September 30 In stock
SP-1274 SOHO Summer Atlas – Images of the Solar Upper Atmosphere from Summer on SOHO 2003 June 50 In stock
SP-1273 The XEUS Instruments – X–Ray Evolving–Universe Spectroscopy 2003 November 30 In stock
SP-1272 CryoSat Science Report  2003 March 10 In stock
SP-1271 E&F Convention of the European Space Agency Convention de L'Agence Spatiale Europeene In stock
SP-1270 European Utilisation Plan for the ISS 40 In stock
SP-1269 Space Science and Me (Memoirs on Swedish Space Research During the Post-War Period) 40 In stock
SP-1268 Report on the Activities of the Research & Scientific Support Department 2001-2002 30 In stock
SP-1267 Space Station Design WS 2002 (Interdisciplinary Student Education) 10 In stock
SP-1265 Peter Creola Advocate of Space / Peter Creola Advocat de l'Espace 20 In stock
SP-1264 HUMEX – Study on the Survivability and Adaptation of Humans to Long–Duration Exploratory Missions  2003 November 40 In stock
SP-1263 Meteosat Second Generation MSG – a New Generation of Weather Satellite 10 In stock
SP-1262 The ISO Handbook – 5 Volumes 150 In stock
SP-1261 Switzerland Europe and Space (Adventure and Imperative) SSO 40 In stock
SP-1240 Mars Express - the Scientific Payload  2004 August 50 In stock
SP-1235 -Volume 1 & Volume 2 A History of the European Space Agency 1958-1987, Vol.1 ESRO & ELDO 1958-1973; Vol.2 ESA 1973-1987 2000 April 75 In stock J. Krige and A. Russo R.A. Harris 1150
SP-1230 The Ulysses Mission (8 CDs) 80 In stock
SP-1220 The Hipparcos & Tycho Catalogues Celestia 2000, Guadeloupe (23-26 February 1998) 50 In stock
SP-1200 The Hipparcos and Tycho Catalogues 1 to 17 (original price 300) 200 Vols 2-17
SP-1177 Huygens Science Payload & Mission 35 In stock
SP-1168 Giotto's Encounter with Comet 26p Grigg Skj (CD-Rom) 20 In stock
SP-1150 Mission to the Moon 30 In stock
SP-1127 Images of the Nucleus of Comet Halley Volume 1 (HMC) 40 In stock
SP-1127 Images of the Nucleus of Comet Halley Volume 2 (TVS) 40 In stock