European Space Agency


Solar System Division

Scientific staff at ESTEC, their main research topics and their involvement in project and studies:

Wenzel, K.-P. Head of Solar System Division, Ulysses Project Manager, energetic particle studies.

Appourchaux, T. Helioseismology, VIRGO/LOI data analysis.

Chicarro, A. Intermarsnet Study Scientist, planetary geology and interiors.

Escoubet, C.P.1 Support to Cluster Project Scientist, magnetospheric physics.

Foing, B.H., Solar Research Unit Coordinator, MORO Study Scientist, solar physics, solar-stellar connection.

Grard, R. Space Plasma (fields) Research Coordinator, Mercury orbiter Study Scientist, instrument development and data interpretation.

Jafry, Y. LISA Study Scientist, fundamental physics.

Lebreton, J.-P. Huygens/Cassini Project Scientist, Tethered Satellite System (TSS 1R) analysis.

Marsden, R.G. Ulysses Project Scientist, energetic particle data interpretation.

Reinhard, R. Fundamental Physics Research Unit Coordinator, STEP Study Scientist, Fundamental Physics Coordinator (support to Director of Science office, ESA HQ).

Sanderson, T.R. Space Plasma (particles) Research Unit Coordinator, Computer Group Coordinator, energetic particle data interpretation, Equator-S experiment development.

Schmidt, R. Cluster Project Scientist, cometary dust imaging instrument development.

Schulz, R.1 Support to Rosetta Project Scientist, cometary studies (since November 1996).

Schwehm, G. Planetary Research Unit Coordinator, Rosetta Project Scientist, interplanetary dust studies.

Scientific staff at SOHO Experiment Operations Facility, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center:

Domingo, V. SOHO Project Scientist, solar variation studies. Fleck, B.1 Support to SOHO Project Scientist, solar physics.

Martens, P.1 SOHO Science Operations Coordinator, solar physics.

Sanchez, L.1 SOHO Science Data Coordinator, helioseismology.

Scientific staff at Ulysses Operations Center, JPL:

Page, D.E.2 Ulysses Science coordinator.

Technical staff (Laboratory & Engineering and Computer Groups):

Arends, H. Laboratory and flight instrument developments.

Beaufort, T. Instrument development.

Butler, A. Flight electronics developments.

Henrion, J. Flight instrument development and technical management.

Ho, S.T. Computer system management, experiment data processing.

Johlander, B. Head of Flight Instrument Support Group, Instrument development, Quality Assurance.

Klinge, D. Flight electronics developments.

Svedhem, H. Laboratory & Engineering Group Coordinator. Development of planetary dust detectors and acoustic sensors.

Szumlas, M. Experiment data processing and maintenance, software development.

Telljohann, U. Flight instrument development and technical management.

Toni, A. Computer maintenance, software development.

Zender, J. Software development, computer system management.

Flight Instrument Support Group (this group also provides some technical support to the Astrophysics Division):

Fransen, A., Heida, J., Johlander, B. (Group Head), Smit A.3, Smit, L. and Verveer, J. (until September 1996).

Administrative staff:

Nilsson, C. Divisional secretary (since January 1996). Radford, M. Divisional secretary (until June 1995). Sluis, C.v.d. Divisional secretary (temporary) (June to December 1995).

Tanzil, A. Divisional secretary (temporary).

1 supernumerary

2 reports to H/SSD

3 seconded

ESA Internal Research Fellows:

Billebaud, F. Planetary atmospheres (to November 1995).

Bothmer, V. Ulysses: energetic particles (to March 1996).

David, F. CCD camera exploitation (to October 1995).

Desai, M. Ulysses: energetic particle studies (from January 1996).

Fletcher, L. Solar coronal studies (from February 1996).

Houdebine, E. Solar-stellar connection (to November 1996).

Jacobsen, B. Magnetospheric physics (from January 1996).

Maurice, S. Planetary magnetospheres (to September 1996).

Mälkki, A. Magnetospheric physics (to September 1996).

Muglach, K. Solar physics (from November 1996).

Orosei, R. Cometary modelling (to January 1996).

Romstedt, J. Cometary dust studies (from September 1996).

Trattner, K.H. Ulysses: anomalous cosmic ray studies (to January 1996).

Wiik, J.E. Solar coronal data analysis (to June 1995).

Young Graduate Trainee:

Nunez-Benito, F. Data processing unit, DSP development (since October 1996).

Spanish and International Trainees:

Castro-Marin, J.-M. (Spain) Micro-electronics, Mars Dust Counter (to end-1995).

Popielawska, B. (Poland) Magnetospheric physics (since October 1996).

Contract personnel:

Planje, K. Artwork and graphical support. Thomsen, M. Cluster experiment software and testing.


De Angelis, G. Mars landing sites (July-August 1995).

ESA Stagiaires:

Chapponniere, F. Rosetta Langmuir probe study (April-July 1995).

Couturier, S. Tether (April-September 1996).

Gizon, L. Helioseismology and LOI analysis (since October 1996).

Kümmerle, B. Huygens radar altimeter analysis (January- May 1996).

Viel, V. Laboratory plasma physics (early 1995).

Other research stagiaires, students:

Bohin, J. Fullerenes (June-July 1995), CCD camera (May-July 1996).

ami, J. Diffuse Interstellar Bands (September 1996).

Cravatte, S. October 1995 solar eclipse data analysis (June- July 1996).

Duvet, L. CCD camera (March-June 1996).

Gray, M. ESA-MUSICOS spectrograph (April-July 1995).

Henrich, N. 3 November 1994 total eclipse data analysis (June-July 1995).

Loomans, D. (IRMB) Knowledge transfer on Solcon DPU (April- June 1996).

Oliveira, J. ESA-MUSICOS spectrograph (February-August 1996).

Sonnentrucker, P. Large molecules in space (since October 1996).

Stempels, H. ESA-MUSICOS spectrograph (since September 1995).

Astrophysics Division 1: ESTEC

Scientific Staff at ESTEC:

Taylor, B.G. Head of Astrophysics Division, SAX Instrument PI and instrument development.

Bavdaz, M. Development for SAX LEGSPC, photon detector (GSPC and STJ) research.

Bennett, K. Deputy Division Head for Data Analysis & Archives, COMPTEL (Co-PI), gamma-ray astronomy, multiwavelength studies of gamma-ray sources.

Favata, F. STARS study scientist, GAIA studies, SAX (S/W, data analysis), scientific S/W support, cool stars and stellar activity.

Fridlund, M. Study scientist for STARS and infrared interferometry, astrophysics of star formation.

Jakobsen, P. Member of FOC IDT & HST 2002 instrument study team, optical/UV astronomy with HST and ground-based instruments.

Martin, D. SAX LEGSPC instrument manager, STJ instrument engineering.

Parmar, A. EXOSAT Project Scientist, ASCA support, team leader for SAX LEGSPC, X-ray astronomy (X-ray binaries and AGN).

Peacock, A. Deputy Division Head for Laboratory R&D, XMM Project Scientist, Leader of STJ detector development.

Perryman, M.A.C. Deputy Division Head for Astronomy Research, Hipparcos Project Scientist, GAIA study scientist, exploitation of Hipparcos data.

Pilbratt, G.L. FIRST Project Scientist, IR and sub-mm astronomy.

Rando, N. Experiment Laboratory Coordinator and STJ/WHT instrument manager.

Tauber, Planck study scientist, Pirog (sub-mm balloon payload) support, IR and sub-mm astronomy.

Thoerner, G. Divisional System Analyst/Computer Manager, SAX data analysis and cosmology studies.

Winkler, C. INTEGRAL project scientist, COMPTEL gamma-ray data analysis.

Scientific staff from Astrophysics Division proper in ISO- SOC, Villafranca:

Kessler, M.F. ISO project scientist, ISO-SOC science team leader, infrared astronomy.

Metcalfe, L. ISO instrument/calibration scientist, ISOCAM IDT leader, infrared astronomy, theoretical astrophysics.

Salama, A. ISO instrument/calibration scientist, deputy leader SWS IDT, infrared astronomy.

Administrative staff:

Arpizou, M. (from August 1995) Divisional secretary and administrative assistant.

Chéroux, E. Senior divisional secretary and administrative assistant.

Osterman, E. Technical, contract and budget administration for ISO, XMM and INTEGRAL teams.

v. d. Sluijs, C. (local contract) Secretary for ISO, XMM and INTEGRAL teams at ESTEC.

Engineering staff:

Adriaens, M. Electro-mechanical engineering for SAX, laboratory infrastructure support.

Andersson, S. Electronics engineering for SAX and STJ instrumentation.

Biezen, J.F.v.d. Electronics and laboratory support to Pirog and STJ development.

Dordrecht, A. van. Electronics engineering for STJ instruments.

Verveer, J. Laboratory cryogenic systems support.

ESA Internal Research Fellows:

Brandt, S. (to August 1995) COMPTEL gamma-ray burst analysis.

Hakala, P.J. (from April to July 1996) SAX data analysis.

Hestroffer, D. (from September 1995) Hipparcos and solar system bodies.

Kuulkers, E. (from January 1995) EXOSAT archive data analysis.

O'Flaherty, K. (to September 1995) COMPTEL data analysis.

Oosterbroek, T. (from December 1996) SAX data analysis and exploitation.

Orr, A. (from November 1996) SAX data analysis and exploitation.

Pelaez, F. (from September 1995) COMPTEL data analysis.

Picard, A. (to March 1995) Optical astronomy.

van Dijk, R. (from April 1996) COMPTEL data analysis.

Verhoeve, P. (to September 1996) STJ detector evaluation.

Videler, P. (to February 1995) STJ detector evaluation.

EC Research Fellow: Hanlon, L. (to October 1995) COMPTEL gamma-ray burst analysis.

Young Graduate Trainee: Poelaert, A. (to August 1996) STJ detector evaluation.

Spanish trainee: Perez, D. (from January to December 1996) STJ detector research support.

Stagiere: Wilson, J. (from July to September 1995) STJ research support.

Contractor staff in support of research activities, (full or part time in reporting period):

Beekhuizen, J. COMPTEL IGSE maintenance.

Williams, R.O. and Tomlinson, P. COMPTEL data base and processing.

Hazell, A. COMPTEL and SAX LECS software support.

Jones, B., Lammers, U., Owens, A. and Vacanti, G. SAX LECS software development and calibration.

O'Flaherty, K. and O'Mullane, W. Technical assistance for Hipparcos catalogue production.

Krul, T. WWW support.

den Hartog. R., Poelaert, A. and Verhoeve, P. STJ development.

Astrophysics Division 2: XMM-SOC, ESTEC

ESA Scientific staff:

Dahlem, M. (from August 1996, previously at STScI) Instrument/calibration scientist, observational astronomy (ISM in discs and haloes of nearby galaxies).

Erd, C. Instrument/calibration scientist (RGS), STJ investigations.

Gondoin, Ph. (from June 1995) Calibration scientist (Telescopes), STJ instrument design.

Jansen, F. Community and TAC services team leader, STJ research.

Lumb, D. Instrument/calibration team leader, STJ research.

Much, R. Instrument/calibration scientist (Optical Monitor), COMPTEL data analysis.

Riedinger, J. (from October 1995, previously ISO-SOC) Head, SOC System Engineering.

Vacanti, G. (from April 1996) Instrument/calibration scientist (RGS), SAX software and data analysis.

Zayer, I. (from July 1996) Instrument/calibration scientist (EPIC).

Contract staff (as of December 1996):

Bakker, J. Science Simulator (EPIC).

Beisjersbergen, M. Science Simulator (X-ray optical system).

Brumfitt, J. Science Simulator (coordination and OM), Observation Sequence Subsystem.

Cerdan, R. Current Calibration File Interface.

Galloway, K. Proposal Handling, Observation Data Subsystem.

Jalota, L. Science Simulator (EPIC), Test Observing Programme.

Jeanes, A. Subsystem support and Integration & Test.

Siddiqui, H. Science Simulator (Star Catalogue Interfaces/Cosmic Simulator).

Videler, P. Science Simulator (RGS)

Astrophysics Division 3: INTEGRAL-SOC, ESTEC

ESA staff:

Breneol, C. (from October 1995, previously ISO-SOC) SGS system engineering, ISDC liaison.

Chambers, I. (from June 1995) SGS system engineering, ISOC development.

Hansson, L. (from January 1996, previously ISO-SOC) Science Ground Segment Manager.

Sternberg, J. (from November 1996, previously ISO-SOC) SGS system engineering.

Contract staff (as of December 1996):

Jeanes, A. System engineering support, ISOC development.

Nolan, J. Science operations preparation

Astrophysics Division 4: ISO-SOC, ESTEC

Breneol, C. (to October 1995, now INTEGRAL SOC) Software engineering.

Drechsel, G. (to December 1995) ISO-SOC Development Manager.

Hansson, L. (to January 1996, now INTEGRAL-SOC) Head, SOC System Engineering.

Riedinger, J. (to October 1995, now XMM-SOC) Head, uplink development and system testing.

Sternberg, J. (to November 1996, now INTEGRAL-SOC) Scientific S/W maintenance support to ISO.

Viau, P. (to June 1995, integrated support from WM ESTEC) SOC system engineering.

Astrophysics Division 5: IUE, Villafranca

ESA staff:

Wamsteker, W. IUE Project Scientist/Manager, Active Galaxies, Target of Opportunity (ToO) Team for SN.

Barylak, M. IUE Archive, Office Support Software, IUE Newsletter, Be Stars.Videler, P. Science Simulator (RGS).

De Martino, D. (to April 1996) IUE Data Processing, Observation preparation S/W, magnetic CVs, X-Ray binaries, ToO Team for Novae.

Gonzalez, R. Deputy Observatory Controller, R/T Operations, UV calibrations, novae, symbiotic stars, ToO Team for Novae.

La Dous, C. (to December 1995) Observatory room, library and seminars, dwarf novae, nova-Like stars, late-type binaries.

Rodriguez, P. Instrument calibration, science operations software, active galaxies, Lyman forests, ToO Team for SN.

Schartel, N. Science support software, clusters of galaxies, QSOs, X-ray background.

Research Fellows:

Vio, R. (to January 1995) AGN, mathematical and statistical data analysis methods.

PPARC Resident Astronomer:

Fernley, J.A. Instrument calibration, RR Lyrae stars, solar- type stars, ToO Team for SN.

Contract staff for IUE hybrid operations (September 95 to September 96) and IUE Final Archive production:

Andernach, H. (to December 1996) Data distribution, scheduling.

Elosegui, P. (to September 1996) Real-time operations.

Garcia-Lario, P. (to February 1996) Scheduling.

Garcia-Vargas, M. (to December 1996) Scientific library.

Loiseau, N. Instrument calibration.

Skillen, I. Scheduling.

Solano, E. Data Processing.

Theissen, A. (to September 1996) Instrument calibration.

Administrative staff:

Ramirez, C. Observatory Secretary. Morales, V. Librarian.

Astrophysics Division 6: STScI, Baltimore

Scientific and engineering staff:

Macchetto, F. Associate Director for Science Programs, Research in AGN, high-redshift galaxies. Axon, D. NICMOS instrument scientist, AGN.

Bely, P. System Engineer for HST, NGST Study Engineer.
Burrows, C. Advanced Camera, NICMOS testing, HST PSF modelling, NGST studies, imaging circumstellar discs and brown dwarfs/planets around old and young stars.

Cacciari, C. (from October 1996) TAC support, proposal processing, RR Lyrae variables in M3, field BHB stars.

Casertano, S. WFPC2 Instrument Scientist, galaxy evolution, dark matter in galaxies.

Clampin-Nota, A. Leader, Observatory Science Group, massive stars, luminous blue variables, stellar evolution.

Colina, L. NICMOS Instrument Scientist, radio galaxies, starburst galaxies, IRAS galaxies.

Dahlem, M. (to August 1996, now XMM-SOC) Instrument/calibration scientist, observational astronomy (ISM in discs and haloes of nearby galaxies).

Dettmar, R.J. (to August 1996) Planning Scientist, galaxies.

Goudfrooij, P. (from October 1996) STIS Instrument Scientist, interstellar matter and stellar populations in early-type galaxies.

Jenkner, H. Deputy Head, Science Support Division, Guide Star Catalog II, microvariability survey using FGSs.

Miebach, M. Lead Engineer, Scientific Instruments.

Moeller, P. PRESTO Scientist, galaxies in the young Universe, formation and evolution of structure.

Panagia, N. Research Program Office Scientist, Stars, interstellar medium, supernovae, Universe distance scale.

Paresce, F. (to March 1995) Lead FOC Instrument Scientist, variable stars, star clusters, far-UV and X-ray background.

Skinner, C. NICMOS Instrument Scientist, observe/ model AGB/Post-AGB star winds (dust + gas), Vega-excess star discs.

Stiavelli, M. (from September 1995) WFPC2 Instrument Scientist, structure, dynamics and formation of galaxies, M87 jet.

Surdej, J. (to September 1996) Long-Range Planning Scientist, PRESTO Liaison Scientist, observations and astrophysical studies of gravitational lenses.

ESA External Research Fellows:

Caon, N. (to October 1995).

Scuderi, S. (to February 1995).

Astrophysics Division 7: ST-ECF, Garching

ESA scientific staff:

Benvenuti, P. HST Project Scientist, Head of ECF, extra- galactic HII regions, SNRs.

Albrecht, R. Deputy Head ECF, Head of Science Data and Software Group, minor bodies of the solar system, computer science.

Caulet, A. HST Instrument Information Scientist, QSO absorption line systems, ISM and blue compact dwarf galaxies.

Fosbury, R.A.E. Head of HST User Support Group, galaxies and AGN.

Lucy, L. (to September 1995) Image restoration techniques.

Micol, A. (from April 1996) Science archive software specialist, image processing techniques and information systems.

Murtagh, F.D. (to October 1996) Image processing techniques, information systems, image processing, information retrieval, data analysis.

Rosa, M.R. HST Instrument Information Scientist, HII regions, star formation, supernovae, evolution of galaxies.

ESO Staff (included here to give the full picture of ST-ECF team staffing):

Adorf, H.-M. HST data analysis, image restoration, statistical classification.

Freudling, W. HST user support, HST software, observational cosmology, peculiar motion of galaxies.

Hook, R.N. Computing support and data analysis software development, applications of image restoration techniques.

Lucy, L. (from September 1995) Image restoration techniques, stellar winds, supernovae.

Pirenne, B. HST Archive Scientist, data storage technology, gravitational Lenses.

Rasmussen, B. (to June 1995) HST archive software engineer, database administrator.

Walsh, J.R. HST Instrument Information Scientist,planetary nebulae, HII regions.

Sjöberg, B. ST-ECF administrative assistant/secretary.

Hill, S. Archive operator (supported under ESA contract).

Astrophysics Division 8: ISO-SOC, Villafranca

Scientific, engineering and operational staff:

Kessler, M.F. (SA proper) ISO project scientist, ISO SOC science team leader, infrared astronomy.

Clavel, J. ISO-SOC Science Operations Manager, AGN.

Altieri, B. Instrument and SOC procedures, ISOCAM IDT.

Arviset, C. Leader, computer systems group.

Audric, J. Computer systems.

Barr, P. Leader, mission planning group, AGN.

Burgdorf, M. LWS calibration scientist, LWS IDT, infrared astronomy.

Claes, P. SOC integration, test and procedures, Leader, data processing group.

Gabriel, J.C. PHT data processing, PHT IDT.

Heras, A. SOC system integration & test, SWS IDT.

Heske, A. OTAC and community support, infrared astronomy.

Laureijs, R. ISOPHOT Instrument Scientist, OTAC and Community Support, infrared astronomy.

Leech, K. SWS Instrument Scientist, OTAC and Community Support, infrared astronomy.

Metcalfe, L. (SA proper) ISO instrument/calibration scientist, Leader ISOCAM IDT, infrared astronomy, theoretical astrophysics

Munoz Peiro, J. Observing logic S/W development, Leader, 'real-time' group.

Orsini, L. AOT logic S/W development and maintenance.

Ott, S. Data processing, ISOCAM-IDT.

Prusti, T. OTAC and community support, infrared astronomy.

Salama, A. (SA proper) ISO instrument/calibration scientist, deputy leader SWS IDT, infrared astronomy.

Schulz, B. ISOPHOT Calibration Scientist, infrared astronomy.

Siebenmorgen, R. ISOCAM Instrument Scientist, OTAC and Community Support, infrared astronomy.

Texier, D. Instrument and SOC procedures, LWS IDT leader.

Trams, N. LWS Instrument Scientist, OTAC and Community Support, infrared astronomy.

Veillat, S. (Integrated support, WM, ESTEC) Uplink system, leader of SOC S/W maintenance team.

Administrative staff:

Fontaine, R. Administrative secretary.

Contract staff participating in the ISO-SOC Development Phase at ESTEC

Brumfitt, J. (to September 1995) SOC System Integration & Test.

Carter, D. (to January 1996) SOC Facility Procedures.

Coulter, P. (to July 1995) SOC System Integration & Test.

Donald, R. (to June 1995) SOC Instrument Simulator.

Galloway, K. (to November 1995) Real Time Assessment S/W Development.

Goode, N. (from March to October 1995) System Administrator.

Greer, D. (to March 1995) SOC Instrument Simulator.

Hazell, A. (to April 1995) Operations Procedures & Instrument User Manual.

Jeanes, A. (to June 1995) Real Time Assessment S/W Development.

Koksvik, M. (to October 1995) Development Team Secretary.

Konechni, S. (to April 1995) Proposal Generation Aid S/W development.

Meijering, P. (to April 1995) Schedule Control.

Nijdam, M. (to July 1995) Proposal Generation Aid S/W development.

Oldeman, P. (to December 1996) Schedule Control. Plas v.d., P. (to June 1995) Mission Planning & S/W Development.

Van Zeijl, J. (to April 1995) Proposal Generation Aid S/W development.

Contract staff participating in ISO-SOC Development (ESTEC) and Operations (Villafranca) Phases

Backhaus, D. OTAC and Community Support.

Breitfellner, M. Calibration Scientist.

Busetta, M. OTAC and Community Support.

Carr, R. Mission Planning & S/W Development.

De Deus Silva, M. Performance Verification Phase Preparation.

Dowson, J. Mission Planning & S/W Development.

Grunes, A. System Administrator.

Hernandez, J. AOT logic S/W Development.

Jenkins, N., Mission Products and Scientific S/W development.

Lock, T., SOC Quality Assurance.

Long, R., OTAC and Community Support.

Micol, A. (to June 1996) OTAC and Community Support.

Moneti, A. Calibration Scientist.

Morgan, K. (to January 1996) Performance Verification Phase Preparation.

Nolan, J. (to February 1996) SOC Facility Procedures.

Okomura, K. ISOCAM IDT.

Plug, A. AOT logic S/W Development.

Pollock, A., Mission Products and Scientific S/W development.

Saxton, R. Mission Products and Scientific S/W development.

Scohier, A. Real Time Assessment S/W Development.

Thomas, M. AOT logic S/W development.

Tonkmor, S. System Administrator.

Verschoor, R. Mission Products and Scientific S/W development.

Walsh, R. (to February 1996) SOC Facility Procedures.

Woodcock, A. Configuration Control Engineer.

Zondag, R. AOT logic S/W development.

Contract staff participating in ISO-SOC Operations Phase (including preparations) in Villafranca

Acosta, J. PHT IDT.

Alvarez, R. (from February 1995) Computer operator.

Bass, D. (from May to October 1995) Training.

Blommaert, J. (from March 1995) ISOCAM IDT.

Braun, M. (from January 1997) PHT IDT.

Camargo, F. (from February 1995) Mission planning.

Castaneda, H. (from November 1995) PHT IDT.

Di Giorgio, A.M. (from March to August 1996) LWS IDT.

Fauste, J. (from April 1995) Real time operations.

Fernandez, M.Th. (from April 1995) Real time operations.

Garcia, A. (from April 1995) Real time operations.

Hernandez, S. Secretary, ISO-SOC Operations Team.

Huth, S. (from July 1996) SWS IDT.

Kinkel, U. (from June 1995) PHT IDT.

Lahuis, F. (from June 1996) SWS IDT.

Lara Perez, T. (from June 1995) Data processing.

Lim, T. (from June 1995) LWS IDT.

Martin, F. (from April 1995) Real time operations.

Martos, A. Real time operations.

Matagne J. (from March to June 1996) OTAC and Community Support.

Morris, P. (from June 1996) SWS IDT.

Municio, J. (from April 1995) Real time operations.

Osuna Altalaya, P. (from June 1995) Data processing.

Pelz, G. (to March 1996) PHT IDT.

Pita Leira, P. (from June 1995 to November 1996) Real time operations, mission planning, data processing.

Schaeidt, S. (to June 1996) SWS IDT.

Sidhar, S. (to January 1996) LWS IDT.

Starczewski, R. (from January 1996) Quality assurance and configuration control.

Todd, C. (from August 1995) Operations Engineer.

Tomas Calderon, L. (from February 1995) Mission planning.

Tommasi, E. (from September 1996) LWS IDT.

Valentijn, E. (from July 1995 to July 1996) SWS IDT.

Verdugo, E. (from April 1996) Image processing.

Wieprecht, E. (from August 1996) SWS IDT.

William, G. (from June to October 1995) Training.

Willis, A. (from April 1995) Secretary, ISO-SOC Science Team.

Personnel from the Instrument PI institutes integrated in the Instrument Dedicated Teams in Villafranca (nominal start date June 1995)

Armand, C. (from September 1995 to April 1996) LWS.

Beintema, D. (to June 1996) SWS.

Biviano, A. (from January 1996) CAM.

Boxhorn, D. (to April 1996) SWS.

Cornwall, L. PHT.

Ewart, D. LWS.

Fan, Y. CAM.

Feuchtgruber, H. (to October 1995) SWS.

Gallais, P. CAM.

Gry, C. (from May 1996) LWS.

Guest, S. CAM.

Harwood, A. (from July 1996) LWS.

Heinrichsen, I. PHT.

Klaas, U. PHT. Molinari, S. LWS.

Price, M. (to December 1995) LWS.

Roelsfsema, P. (to June 1996) SWS.

Sastry, L. (to September 1995) LWS.

Sauvageron, A. (from October 1995 to April 1996) CAM.

Vandenbusche, B. (from January 1996) SWS.

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