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ANNEX 3 Seminars, symposia, colloquia & workshops



20 January
Ulysses at High Solar Latitude
R. Marsden, SSD

3 February
Latest developments in Solar Interferometry from space
L. Damé, CNRS, France

17 February
Observations and laboratory experiments on ices - a solid state database for ISO
P. Ehrenfreund, Univ. of Leiden, The Netherlands

3 March
Soft X-ray spectroscopy results on the dynamics and Abundances of the Solar Corona
E. Antonucci, University of Torino, Italy

17 March
Nonlinear modelling of Cepheid pulsation: atmospheric motions, spectral line variations and the problem of microturbulence
A. Fokin, IKI (CNRS), Russia

31 March
Current sheets and substorms
A. Roux, CETP/USQV, France

13 April
The outer atmosphere of main-sequence stars and the Sun
E. Houdebine, SSD

28 April
Solar irradiance variability
C. Fröhlich, PMOD, Switzerland

12 May
Jupiter's satellite Io: recasting our ideas as a result of new data
D. Matson, NASA/JPL, USA

9 June
The Scaling Index Method: new ways to analyse non-period data
H. Scheingraber, MPAe, Germany

23 June
The Submillimetre Common-User Bolometer Array (SCUBA): a bolometer camera operating at 100 mK
C.R. Cunningham, Royal Observ. Edinburgh, UK

8 September
Recent advances in CCD detectors and ESO's plans for next generation systems
J. Beletic, ESO, Germany

22 September
Very Long Baseline Interferomtry in space: an open opportunity
L. Gurvits, JIVE, The Netherlands

13 October
The LOWL Instrument: Low Degree p-mode Frequency Splitting Observations and the rotation rate of the solar core
S. Tomczyk, High Altitude Observatory, USA

20 October
The Milky Way Galaxy: recent understandings and open puzzles
G. Gilmore, University of Cambridge, UK

17 November
Background prediction for X- and Gamma-ray detectors
C. Dyer, Defence Research Agency, UK

1 December
High resolution EUVE spectra: analysis and implications
G. van den Oord, Utrecht, The Netherlands

15 December
The turbulent Solar Corona: heating and flares
C. Chiuderi, Observatory of Florence, Italy


26 January
X-ray novae
Y. Tanaka, ISAS (MPE), Japan

9 February
The origin and history of the unusual open star cluster Zeta Sculptoris
B. Edvardsson, Uppsala Observatory, Sweden

23 February
A new way to space: the re-usable launcher
M. Caporicci, ESA HQ

29 February
ISO in orbit
M. Kessler, SSD

8 March
Auroral Electric Fields
A. Mälkki, SSD

12 April
Superluminal sources in the galaxy
F. Mirabel, CEAS, France

26 April
Faster, cheaper, less? A scientist's view of innovative approaches to lower cost mission operations for the NASA Extreme Ultraviolet Explorer Satellite
R. Malina, LAS, France

10 May
Elemental abundances and gamma-ray line astronomy
R. Diehl, MPE, Germany

22 May
X-ray emission from stellar coronae: recent results
R. Pallavicini, Oss. Astron. Vaiana, Italy

21 June
Observations of quasars in the ROSAT all-sky survey
N. Schartel, VILSPA, Spain

17 September
Antimatter on the ground and in space
M. Jacob, CERN, Switzerland

11 October
The cosmic microwave background
G. Efstathiou, University of Oxford, UK

8 November
Recent results from the helioseismology experiments on-board SOHO
T. Sekii, University of Cambridge, UK

22 November
X-ray observations of comets
K. Dennerl, MPE, Germany



15 May
Science: the value of measurement
T.J. Quinn, Bureau des Poids et Mesures, France

23 October
Gravitational wave detection in space
R. Hellings, NASA/JPL, USA


28 May
The Ozone Hole: a man-caused chemical instability
P.J. Crutzen, MPI, Germany

7 June
The scientific impact of Hubble Space Telescope
F. Macchetto, STScI, USA

25 October
Present status and perspectives of nuclear fusion
K. Pinkau, MPI, Germany

6 December
Gravity or not to be
B. Feuerbacher, MPI, Germany

Symposia and Workshops


2-6 April
4th SOHO workshop
Pacific Grove, USA

25-27 April
29th ESLAB Symposium: Towards the Source of Gamma-Ray Bursts,
ESTEC, The Netherlands

19-21 June
The RGO/ESA Workshop on the Future of Space Astrometry
Royal Greenwich Observatory, Cambridge, UK

11-14 September
ESO Workshop: The role of dust in the formation of stars
ESO, Garching, Germany

4-8 December
Science with the Hubble Space Telescope
ESA HQ, Paris, France


1-2 February
Workshop on the FIRST model payload
ESTEC, The Netherlands

29-31 May
1st ISO Workshop,
ESTEC, The Netherlands

16-20 September
2nd INTEGRAL Workshop: The Transparent Universe
St. Malo, France

24-27 September
30th ESLAB Symposium: Sub-millimetre and Far-Infrared Space Instrumentation
ESTEC, The Netherlands

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