Aug 26, 2019

Kelvins Day

The competition platform Kelvins of ESA's Advanced Concepts Team is a place for space enthusiasts from all over the world to set their creativity free and participate actively to the advancement of space and science. Each competition we host on Kelvins is carefully curated by us and provides the opportunity to delve deep into unique data and experiment with innovative solution concepts in order to raise the bar for a new standard.

Recently, two of our biggest competitions have concluded: Satellite Image Super-resolution and Satellite Pose Estimation (in collaboration with the Space Rendesvouz Lab of Stanford University). During a heated race, over 100 different teams tried to climb the corresponding leaderboards with daily submissions.

To honour the effort of all participants and stimulate scientific exchange, the ACT hosts the first Kelvins Day at the 11 September 2019 in the Erasmus Auditorium at ESTEC. The Kelvins Day is a workshop that will feature talks from expert engineers of ESA and our partners as well as presentations from the top ranking teams of both competitions. As a result, the Kelvins Day is an exclusive forum to discuss the hands-on application of artificial intelligence techniques that have proven their success and importance for space.


Participants who wish to attend are required to register free of charge until 06 September 2019 (23:59 CET). To register, and for further information, updates and the programme, please visit the conference web page.


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