Aug 1, 2019

Bee Rich

Hi, I'm Bee and I am a Young Graduate Trainee in Advanced Materials for Space Habitats.

I joined the team in September 2019 after graduating with a Masters of Materials Engineering from the University of Birmingham, UK. In my degree I focused primarily on metallurgy, materials characterisation and process analysis, and conducted two major research projects on modelling of dendritic growth in single-crystal superalloys and process failure analysis for cold-rolled low-alloy steels.

Since joining the ACT in September 2019 I have been focusing my research interests on novel materials solutions for space habitats, in particular in-situ resource utilisation for lunar and martian applications. Currently I am working on two ongoing habitat projects: Functionally graded materials for space structures, in conjunction with TU Delft and led by Ina Cheibas, and Basalt fibre-reinforced geopolymers in conjunction with Østfold University College and led by Marlies Arnhof.

When I am not talking about materials science I love rockclimbing, watching musicals and making baked goods for the office!

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