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“Business Opportunity from Space” at Farnborough Airshow 2006

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From Monday 17 July to Sunday 23 July 2006 the European Space Agency (ESA) together with the British National Space Centre (BNSC) and UK space industry, will exhibit in the International Space Pavilion at Farnborough International Air Show 2006.

Throughout the week ESA will present current European space programmes and activities in different areas of science and technology, from Earth Observation to Navigation, from Launchers to Human Spaceflight and Exploration.

Among the special events and presentations that will support the exhibition, the session “Business Opportunity from Space – a commercial morning with ESA”, on Monday 17 July will inform visitors about the outstanding opportunities that space activities offer to industry and society.

Together, ESA's Human Exploration Promotion Division, ESA's Technology Transfer and Promotion Office, ESA's Business Incubation Initiative and the European ISS Business Club (IBC) will illustrate new opportunities in the areas of research, technology transfer, promotion and satellite applications, with the aim to promote the industrial utilisation of space-based infrastructures and of space-derived applications.

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