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Redu ground station

Call for Opportunity for Operations, Maintenance and Exploitation of the ESA Redu Ground Station

07/11/2006 202 views 0 likes
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The Agency intends to offer a commercial operator the opportunity to exploit the potential of the Redu Station for its own commercial interest, and to operate and maintain the Station in support of the ESA missions relying for the operational support from Redu.

To the above extent, the Agency has issued 7 November 2006 a Call for Opportunity on EMITS, calling for responses early December 2006.

In addition the Agency has organised a site visit 23 November 2006 (to be confirmed) to give all potential bidders the opportunity to physically inspect the station and clarify all relevant aspects on site. At this occasion, the Agency’s stations manager will give a detailed presentation of the overall situation. Potential partners should notify the Agency’s representatives identified in the Announcement of Opportunity's cover letter at the latest by 15 November of their intention to participate.