Company registration and company’s information updating through EMITS’ “INDUSTRY OUTLOOK” mandatory as of 15 March 2007

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The Member States of the European Space Agency (ESA) have made it mandatory for the Agency to register economic entities (whether commercial or non-profit organisations, natural or legal persons) wishing to make business with ESA in order for them to be included on the Agency’s list of Potential Tenderers.

This registration requires the mandatory submission and regular updating by such economic entities of a certain number of information concerning among others legal, financial and professional status.

In order to rationalize this process and ease the management of such list the Procurement Department of the Agency, who is responsible for this task in the Agency, has since April 2006 through its web based EMITS application provided economic entities with an on-line facility tool allowing for registration and/or updating of records as an ESA potential tenderer.


This facility called INDUSTRY OUTLOOK, besides providing the Agency with the requested mandatory data allows economic entities to securely manage their staff access to tender information and expressions of interest, also offers the opportunity to promote expertise and technologies towards ESA and be published as European space stakeholders in the EMITS yellow pages hereby contributing to improved industrial relations.

In view of the above, economic entities are hereby informed of the following mandatory measures:

  • For economic entities wishing to do business with ESA and who are not yet registered as potential tenderers registration shall only be allowed by filling out the online questionnaire in INDUSTRY OUTLOOK;
  • As from 15th March 2007 economic entities who are already registered and possess a valid ESABD code and which have not yet updated their information through the online questionnaire in INDUSTRY OUTLOOK are given a period of four months up to 15th July 2007 to comply. Failure to do so by this date will result in their access to EMITS being stopped until such time they comply.

As of the completion of the questionnaire in INDUSTRY OUTLOOK registered economic entities will have to update the questionnaire on an annual basis. Failure to do so will also result in EMITS access being blocked.

To help economic entities in this process a presentation detailing the registration procedure is available on the ESA Industry Portal at, select "Registering as ESA tenderer" and choose between "Registered Tenderers" or "New Tenderers".

Further information can be obtained by phone from the CASP Help desk (+39 06 941 80700 ) or email ( mentioning subject "IOD".

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