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Metalysis–ESA Grand Challenge

How to apply

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To become one of the competing teams of the Metalysis–ESA Grand Challenge, please first carefully read the terms and conditions of the ESA Grand Challenge.

Complete the application form and return it signed by email to the Grand Challenge team at Please include in the subject, the "NAME of the TEAM" and Grand Challenge application.

In addition to the application form, please provide proof of SME’s formal registration as a legal entity in one of the ESA Member States, Associated Member States and Cooperating States as per Article VI(2) of the ESA Convention. 

Please be aware that all information given by team members in the application must be correct and complete. 

By submitting an application to the Metalysis–ESA Grand Challenge, the individual submitting the application on behalf of a legal entity represents and warrants, without a formal declaration being needed in this respect, that:

  • the Participant is an SME as set forth in Article I(12);
  • he/she has authority to represent the legal entity and will be responsible for ensuring that such legal entity will comply with these Conditions;
  • the Participant obtained all necessary approvals, permits and authorisation to enter into the Challenge, to submit Intellectual Property and to grant Intellectual Property Rights as per these Conditions.

By submitting an Application to the Challenge, the Participants irrevocably accept the terms and conditions of ESA's Privacy Notice.

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