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ESA Startup competition: top 50 shortlist

25/05/2020 4699 views 24 likes
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The top 50 entrants in ESA’s Europe-wide Startup competition have now been shortlisted, from which the 10 finalists will be selected by the end of this month.

ESA is looking for ways to provide support to startups in their valuable role in the space industrial ecosystem. ESA’s Startup competition offers the winning entrepreneurs a mentoring prize and an invitation from ESA to attend an award ceremony at the Global Space Congress, scheduled to take place in Abu Dhabi in May 2021.


The top 50 shortlisted firms are as follows, sorted by country:
 MIRA                                                               Austria
Kontrol GmbH                                                Austria
Audili                                                                Austria
STRATOSYST                                                    Czech Republic                                                               Denmark
QuadSAT                                                          Denmark
PowerUp Fuel Cells OÜ                                 Estonia
Unsinkable Robotics                                      Estonia
HIVE                                                                  Estonia                                                          France
VR2Planets                                                      France
VAONIS                                                            France
SpaceDrone                                                    France
DSE - Data Science Experts                           France
ConstellR                                                         Germany
Deep Blue Globe UG                                     Germany
Orbital Oracle Technologies GmbH            Germany
Deployables Cubed GmbH                           Germany
Neutron Star Systems                                   Germany
Panda Insight UG                                           Germany
Vypno                                                               Germany
dida                                                                   Germany
Hawa Dawa                                                     Germany
Atlas Aero GmbH                                           Germany
Xylene (Benenati & Edwards GbR)              Germany
HOSTmi GmbH                                               Germany
Orbit Recycling                                              Germany
27G-Technology                                             Hungary
Emerald EO                                                     Ireland
Cosmic Srl                                                       Italy
MIPRONS                                                         Italy
Latitudo40                                                      Italy
Survey Intelligence & Analytics                   Netherlands
Random Positioning Machine                     Poland
GlobalSolver                                                   Portugal
Orbital EOS                                                     Spain
DAWAKO                                                         Spain
Tunnll                                                               Spain
Auravant                                                         Spain
CEDRION                                                         Spain
Detektia Earth Surface Monitoring             Spain
Ixoriguè                                                           Spain
Pangea Aerospace                                         Spain
Asgard Space                                                  Spain
HYDROMARS                                                  Sweden
Fourth State Systems                                    Sweden
Klepsdydra Technologies                             Switzerland
Clutch Space Systems Limited                     United Kingdom
Apian - The Drone Doctors                          United Kingdom
Data Duopoly                                                 United Kingdom
LIFT ME OFF                                                    United Kingdom
Asteroid Mining Corporation Ltd              United Kingdom