High Level Forum with Industry on 9 October

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The 2018 ESA High Level Forum with industry will be held on 9 October, at ESA’s ESTEC technology centre in Noordwijk, the Netherlands.

The event has been organised by the Directorate of Industry, Procurement and Legal Affairs and will be hosted in the Erasmus Building.

Several round tables will enable representatives from ESA and other European institutions, and CEOs of major space companies, to discuss the opportunities and challenges presented in the current European Space context.

The meeting will close with a summary of conclusions and way forward.

The results of these discussions will be used to elaborate on domains requiring further improvements. A final report on the outcome of this meeting will be tabled at the ESA Industrial Policy Committee meeting after the event.

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For further information regarding the High Level Forum, please contact: 

Annalisa Donati
Jose Manuel Sanchez

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