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Saving, Transferring and Printing Documents

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There are a number of ways in which you can transfer EMITS documents for your own use - either as files or as printed documents. The main advantage of transferring documents is that you can read them without having to connect to EMITS.

  • Use your browsers "print" option to print to your local printer
  • Use your browsers "save" or "save as" option to save individual pages to your computer - normally saved as HTML format
  • Each time you access an Open Invitation To Tender document  (for example, a Work Statement, a Letter of Invitation and so on), you are offered the opportunity to transfer it to your computer or to your e-mail address in pdf format (single document) or in zipped format (multiple documents). Each document transferred is given a filename containing the term 'AO' followed by the AO number, so you can easily identify which AO it is related to. To decompress a zip file and extract documents you will need software supporting standard zip formats, like WINZIP, OUTSIDE-IN, PKUNZIP, etc.


Once an Open Invitation to tender is created / modified, the related IITT is also updated with this new data. If there is no related IITT, an IITT is created as new Anticipation with status ISSUED.

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